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Yes Mr Tao,
and now, I try version 500 and 501.

What are the *.BSI file ? These are text files that run bsplayer when clicked to indicate the location of the movie file dig in a subdirectory and the availability of multilingual subtitles and chapters lists, for good old AVI files (that do not integrate this information like it is now available in OGM or MKV container file formats). Do you agree ? Bsi are smart to implement on a CD. CD could be made autoplayable on cd insertion using some kind of autorun.ini.

In BSI files,
FName=file even with spaces in it.avi
seems to be the minimum for a bsi file: those 3 lines give the correct path to open the movie
in upper of lowercase but no abbreviation allowed...

have no effect in the current version, local preferences are used
Title=Mission for Pluto
Single and double quotes are allowed not required but the title is
is totally discarded, I tought it would appear in the Video Info contextual screen at the Title/author/copyright frame. (It appeared on the second avi when bsi are chained or is replaced by any line from a subtitle file).
AudioFile1=Spanish_audiotrack.mp3   (or wav)
are simply ignored, only the single AVI audio track is available. It must be made manually using the right click menu. (Chaining bsi files permits to show the second audio track but with problems..)

have no effect at all. Files are not opened, bsplayer subtitle language choice remains empty, and we need to manually open the files. It worked in version 493.
0=00:02:59 Intro
are simply ignored when placed in bsi files
works as announced : at the end of the FName, other BSI files on the directory are parsed in order to find a file with
(or n+1) If such a file is not found, it asks "Next CD required, Please insert CD number 2". Note that de second BSI file can have any filename, and for debugging purpose, ilt is good not to have 99 different BSI files in the same directory.

Note also that on the second AVi file , the Title (given in the [Movie]field will be displayed correctly on the BSPLAYER front instead of the filename. NumberCDs=3 must be repeated in each bsi file in order to stop the iterative search after the 3rd AVI file. The Lang=Nederlands that was present in the first BSI file is suddenly taken into account at the beginning of the second Avi file, strange, and the Chapters and subtitles present in this second BSI file, strange, strange ! Chapters times are countet from the first reel, selecting chapter 1 at 00:00:00 asks for the first CD or reopens the first AVI file.

So after long experiments, it worked just a bit like described by Quietseb in is . except for the first AVI file (or Quietseb, you will have to check and report your BSplayer version to me...)

In BSI files, [Main][Movie] and so on are not case sensitive but
in CHF files, [Charters] tag have a strange behavior, sometimes it requires CHAPTER to be written in uppercase to be taken into account. Some times, the chapters are displayed but it is not possible to skip to a given chapter, and if the file was opened with the help of a BSI file and then the CHF file was manually selected the chapters are selectable. Strange... Why ?
If someone has the time to check my assertions, I would be pleased to know if I am right, or wrong.

So the questions are:
Who is in charge of this software ? Has he published its email ?
How could I participate as a reviewer or as a programmer ?
When did he left the support of BSI files ?
Why has he suppressed the chaining of videos thanks to BSI files.
Why could we still find an old version of .\bsplayer\doc\ini_files.html from 2001 that is absolutely not correct ?
Why have you changed the parsing of CHF files which rejects the [Chapters] tag and need the uppercase?
When will it be fixed ?

There is long time since people asked to come back to what was available in old BSplayer versions (before 493). Every new version of BSplayer gives some hope, immediately disappointed. Several friends come back on the forum with old bsi solutions that are absolutely inoperant, no more available.

I would be pleased if the author gave more transparency in his work (Change.log history say nothing between 499 and 500 for instance) and prepared an up-to-date documentation of the actual BSplayer functionalities. ANd a verbose switch would help debugging the syntax of faulty bsi files...

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