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thx adicoto for the info ! i know now what does mean this %*$#ing message "overlay failed" and why WMP (used to) played the avi file !

i've just downloaded the xvid codec you told me about and i will see (well i hope so ...)

just one more question : why WMP display correctly (but really smally ) the movie before i install sld and ace codec ? Is this coz the codec of the file are too old and have been replaced ? coz i don't understand why GSpot tell me that the rendering is OK (3 video and 2 audio codecs installed for the avi file...)

And yes , i know i 've got an antic ( antique ?) computer but i've got it for free so ..... anyway i planned to buy a real one !!!!

so thx again all of you and excuse my english , coz i'm from the country of the freedom fries ;) !!!!

fedhman kassad from hyperion
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