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damienffm 3rd July 2005 02:37 PM

Prblems with Matroska Files with different audio channels

unfortunately BSPlayer pro 1.32 820 donĀ“t show more than one audio channel in matroska files.

I have matroska files with one video channel, two audio channels and subtitels and chapterinfo. So far Subtitles and chapters are working well only it is not possible to switch between the two audio channels. So one channel is ac3 sound and the other aac 5.1 sound.

Is it possible to tell BSPlayer wich audio track it should use?



ZanderZ 28th July 2005 05:37 PM

I've got a similar problem, I have a movie with English and French audio and French is standard. Ofcourse that sucks and I want to watch with English audio but I can't change it.
It worked fine in earlier builds...

-edit- to make it even weirder, BSPlayer's audio settings have English (eng) as default language.

ZanderZ 8th August 2005 12:25 AM

I'm kicking this thread because it's very annoying and it's a pretty big bug.
At the "key definitions" page, it has two options: "scroll through audio channels" and "scroll to soundchannels" (I'm using Dutch so the text might be a bit different in English)
When I use the first, nothing happens. The second one says "Channel 1", then "Channel --" when I use it. The sound doesn't change.
It works fine in MPC so the second channel does exist.

BSPlayers audio settings are set to 1 (default audio channel) and "eng" (default audio channel (language code))
Changing the first to 2 or 0, or the second to "en" doesn't help.

BSPeter 8th August 2005 02:25 AM

Hello ZanderZ
The second option concerns "Audio stream volume cycle" (default Ctlr+S), but it doesn't seem to do very much, except for the "OSD-reports"as mentioned by you. Couldn't test the first option "Cycle audio streams" (default Shift+S) with a matroska file, but it does e.g. work for me in the "Revelations.divx" (DivX6 encoded) demo movie. [Mind you, as a WinMe user, I use DivX5.2.1-codec as decoder.]
Perhaps you also stepped on an imperfection in the Dutch translation ("volume"), which probably has been there for quite some time already (I didn't check it out yet). I will rectify that in due time! Thanks for your remark on this!

ZanderZ 9th August 2005 02:18 AM

I tried the Revelations movie, and in that case it did work. I'll see if I can find an older build...
Translating can become a pain in the ass after a while, making a small mistake can occur ;)

Tried build 817, doesn't work there either. Maybe BSPlayer depends on some filter (stream switcher?) and MPC does not? I'll do some more testing tomorrow

ZanderZ 22nd August 2005 11:07 PM

Did some more testing, but can't find out how to fix it.
When loading a MKV file, at Options-Filters it has Morgan Stream Switcher. This only shows one audio track (French).
I installed Haali Media Splitter, didn't help, it doesn't show under Filters or anything.
Both Haali Media Splitter as BSPlayer itself have "audio language priority"/"standard audio channel" set to "eng"

As said before, it works fine in MPC.

ZanderZ 24th August 2005 03:52 PM

Just tried build 823, it works now ^^
It does display an error when I open an MKV, but pressing Continue works.

bst 24th August 2005 10:25 PM

It should be fixed in night build (here or here)

ZanderZ 24th August 2005 10:50 PM

Yes it is, great work :)
There's still one problem though :( external subtitles don't work when I load an MKV file (with subtitles included), the internal subtitles do work.
External subtitles also work normally for AVI's (DivX/Xvid) and MPEG's.
I can't test MKV's without internal subtitles, so I don't know if it works in that case.

bst 24th August 2005 11:17 PM

Yes, there is problem with external subtiles if internal are present, will be fixed in next build.

ZanderZ 29th August 2005 08:01 PM

Thanks for the reply :) I hope it will be done soon.
One other thing that might be related (but it might not be):
I've got a movie (AVI DivX) which plays fine, subtitles work, all is fine. Let's say the name of this movie is "Moviename [FTV].avi"
When I have an SRT file "Moviename [FTV].srt" suddenly I can't play the movie anymore. When I rename the SRT file to something else, it works fine again.
This happens to some movies with the same SRT filename, but not to all. Very weird, but just of minor inconvenience.

ZanderZ 5th September 2005 07:55 PM

Working great again :) Thanks a lot!

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