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Old 5th October 2006
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Default BUGS in BSplayer v2.12.941 (Normal/Pro)

Here will be reported the confirmed BUGs related to BSplayer v2.12.941

If you wish to report any additional bugs (to be added to this list), please do so by post-replying to the post which I created especially for this purpose: clickhere. Thanks for your contributions!
__________________________________________________ __________

- Fixed in v2.1x In my opinion it's better to let the user to choose in the Installation process to put the settings files into BSplayer installation dir or in ApplicationData (a choice similar to the one introduced for the single/multiple users installation).
Also because (I think) with Windows Vista you can't install settings files in ApplicationData folder, so it will be impossible to copy the BSplayer.xml file to BSplayer folder, but more critical is the fact that even if you create a BSplayer.xml file from scratch, BSPMLIB.DAT file can't be created this way, and without it the media library won't even open!
Note: Also check the feature requests post for this option

- Fixed in v2.20 Instead of removing redundant items in Explorer contextual menus, now it's present another key, Open.
Now when you right click on a file you'll see: Play in BSplayer, Enqueue in BSplayer, Open, Play in BSplayer
The only keys to keep in the registry are:
Open (just change its default value to "Play in BSplayer", obviously it should be translatable as for the other keys)
"Play" and "Playbs" MUST be deleted!

- Not a bug After BS.Player first start a new registry key is created here HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes with all the supported extensions. I think this Classes should lay elsewhere
- At first start (after a clean installation) the player controls window is shown out of the screen borders (on a 1280x1024 resolution the left value is 0, but the top is 957 :shock: )
- During the installation process the "EQ.xml" file is created in both ApplicationData and BSplayerInstallation folders
- Insignificant bug: At first start a playlist with "Siddharta - Plastika" video and song is available, but those files are not present if the user downloaded the version without them

- The registration window should be the only one enable. Instead the MINIMIZE...CLOSE buttons (the ones that appears when you move the mouse near to them) are clickable and thus you can close the player, but the registration window will stay open and once you close it another controls window will appear with no texts and buttons.
- BSplayer doesn't recognise "." character sent by Girder!
This only appens in Windows2000/XP systems. In Windows 9.x/ME "." character works.
AFAIK it's a BSplayer issue since Girder is able to send "." char to others applications.
Originally Posted by bst
We'll look into this.
More information: I made my tests with a QWERTY Italian keyboard and I also tried Girder's keyboard "Alternative proc." option
- After a PM discussion with djsolidsnake86:
Keyboard shortcuts "." and "," don't work as Global keys even if they are assigned to!
Originally Posted by bst
Can't reproduce this. Keys work as expected in Girder and as global keys
As I said above, my tests have been made with a QWERTY layout keyboard, maybe it's irrelevant, but it may be that with a QWERTZ keyboard layout the result is different. Anyway these 2 issues have been reproduced on different machines and by different users (but all of them with a QWERTY Italian layout)
Originally Posted by bst
Need more testing, will be fixed.
- Annoying Taskbar Button Problem (by John0877)
Originally Posted by bst
* - taskbar button will stay hidden if minimized to tray
this bug has been fixed only partially, when you exit full screen mode the taskbar button does appear!
- Fixed in v2.21 Even if the option "Close file when finished", when the movie ends it's still locked by BSplayer (i.e. you can't delete/move the file anywhere) until you close it [Note: the file should be closed also when you press the "Close file" menu item, but the handle to the file is not released correctly]
Originally Posted by bst
I think this is not BSplayer fault. Some installed filter or something keep files open.
I'll look into this....

- Fixed in v2.16? If you select multiple files from an Explorer window and then press Enter, the selected file will not be added to BSplayer, instead BSplayer will load them one by one (by closing and removing the previous ones every time). It should add them all to the playlist and then start to play only the first one (and only if the "Auto play" options is selected). The feature works well if you choose to enqueue those files, but if you just enqueue them BSplayer should not start playing them.
(if you need more explainations feel free to ask, I don't want this feature to be broken due to a bad explaination from me)

- When the MovieWindow's top border coordinates are minor than -25 pixels (for example if top border is out of the top screen border by 50 pixels), and the movie window is manually resized, then after resizing, the movie window new dimensions are equal to "the movie window resized width"x"the movie window resized height+25pixels", and the video image is stretched even if the Keep aspect ratio option is selected. (as said only by manually resize the window by dragging the movie borders makes this bug happens, if you use keyboard shortcuts, or the mouse wheel the error doesn't occours)
Originally Posted by bst
Will be fixed in one of next builds.
- When you double click a Podcast item, it should start downloading and then playing after the download process (or at least the items already downloaded should be displayed with a different color/style)
- With some files the information on the File Type in the Playlist is not right. It seems that the problem is only in the Type column, while in the right side panel (old style playlist) the FourCC info is shown correctly
- It's not possible to move multiple items simultaneously in the playlist. If you select multiple items and then try to drag them o another position only the first item selected will be moved.
- (NEW-STYLE PLAYLIST) When you load a playlist (or add a file to the list) and then change position to an item, then when you'll start playing the items will be played in the old order (the visible order is changed, but not the one used by BSplayer to play the list)
Note: this bug is absent in old-style playlist.
- Every time BSplayer buffers something (audio, video, radio/TV station) the volume level goes up to 100%
- BSplayer hangs when sound-card is disabled (by kimiraikkonen)

- Fixed in v2.20 Bug on DVD playback (some sections, i.e. galleries, are not fully working) (by grendizer)
- When SERENDIPITY DVD is played the frst time it's presented to the viewer an option to play it in English or another language, unfortunally it's not possible to make the choice through BS.Player (only tried with Cyberlink decoder, unfortunally it's impossible to me to test it furter, it was a rented DVD)
- When I open a DVD from the "Open DVD" menu subitems, the video window opens with a correct AR but with a wrong size. If I open the IFO file from the DVD the size is correct!
- If you open the default DVD without a DVD inserted in the DVD slot, a black 720x480 movie window will be opened anyway (with a wrong size as reported above)
- Fixed in v2.20 If I select the Audio or Subtitles menu from the BSplayer DVD video window the proper page will be opened, but if I open those items from BSplayer menu, then it freezes for some seconds, and then it only shows me the DVD main menu screen
- Fixed in v2.20 The hand cursor is no more available when moving the mouse over the DVD menu items

- Audio: (Since tv capture exists) If for example audio source is Line-in and in "Capture settings" Line-in is selected, there is a sort of echo, this is because BSplayer sound is delayed in respect of Line-in one, and don't use Line-in sound only, but overlap Line-in sound with BSplayer sound
Originally Posted by bst
This is not actually bug, just turn off line-in in audio mixer.
as you can see here it won't work in all the cases
- (BUG?) Italian (antenna) region doesn't work in the Italian territoty (wrong frequencies? GERMANY settings works fine in Italian territory [NOTE: DScaler's Italian settings works ok])
- Once you open a page in the Teletext window, it is no more reachable until you restart the computer, every new page (subpage also) is readable (once) but already opened are no more readable since the teletext search enters an endless loop
- If you use the arrow-buttons (the ones at the right of the setted fps) you can raise the number of fps up to 30, then if you click again the UP arrow, the number setted starts to decrease instead of increase. This until you reach the starting value of 25fps..
It seems like the routine used here tells to increase the number until it reaches 30, then every time it's pressed furter, it tells to show the actual fps-1 (by thinking that if you click the up arrow the number becomes 31 => the routine try to do 31-1=30 [max number]) but this approch it's really bad (if implemented this way). To confirm my theory there is the fact that once you click the down arrow you are able again to raise the fps number (up to 30, or to 30 - number of times you pressed the up arrow after you reached 30.. don't know if it's always like this.. it acts really strange.. )
Originally Posted by bst
Should be fixed.
unfortunally it's not...I'll check with other tuners if the problem is BS.Player related or not
- If RGB32 (and also other RGB colorspaces) color space is choosen, then the image is flipped vertically! This is due to the format in which RGB data is stored (from bottom to top), but BSplayer should be able to manage this behaviour. [UPDATE: everything will work once BSplayer is restarted]
- With a device already opened, if you click on "Open device..." again an error message will appear (by antdude)

- It's impossible to force Enhancer (Winamp DSP plugin) to stay hidden (by karel)
This only happens when Skinned windows are enabled in BSplayer (Skins section).
Maybe you can skin the windows only when they are effectively displayed, and not when they are loaded into memory
Originally Posted by bst
Can't reproduce. Will look into this.
- If you change the skin with one that have a different fonts from the default one ( => smaller?) the Time/Status/Repeat information will be truncated (it seems that the Title info is not changed). I don't know if this is only related to old skins or also with v1 ones.
- The system menu on the BSplayer taskbar button (restore/minimize/close) is not skinned properly (instead the playlist system menu is skinned correctly)
- If the "Disable skinned windows" option in Skin section is checked, then also the Menus will lost the skinned feature (even if the "Disable skinned menus" option is UNchecked)
Originally Posted by bst
This is feature :) . If "Disable skinned windows" is enabled then nothing will be skinned. If "Disable skinned menus" is checked then everything will be skinned except menus.
if this is feature, I think that if "Disable skinned windows" is enabled, then also "Disable skinned menus" should be checked automatically. Vice-versa when "Disable skinned menus" is UNchecked, then also "Disable skinned windows" should be UNchecked
- When you change skin, the equalizer skin is not changed until you close/reopen the equalizer window
- Fixed in v2.x The tooltip of the Movie File Name is not shown anymore (by Walt Disney)
- Progress-bar button doesn't work as expected. If you click on the desired position the button comes back to the current position until you drag the cursor a little right or left (by eguest)

- Sometimes the hidden frames borders are shown in the preferences window when other frames have been selected (i.e. select Audio section and then DSP Plugins section, or select Playlist section and then FFDShow section and you'll notice the frames borders of the previously selected sections)
- When you select different elements in the Filters -> Advanced elements list, the Advanced filters window will be resized to fit the maximum window opened, but once you select a smaller window the AF window will not be resized down
- When you load a preset in the equalizer, after the loading process the amount of dB for the last band (16kHz by default) stay displayed
- The "Auto" led in Equalizer is not remembered when closing-reopeneing the EQ (I don't know if this is a cosmetic bug, or if the Auto options is not remembered at all)

- The Explorer shell extension "Play in BSplayer" menu item (for DIRECTORIES) is not translated when changing language in BSplayer
- The language files are still the ones for v1.37 (this problem as already been reported several times when previous versions had been released)
I reported this to Mat2000 and he replied to me that in next version they will update the translation files
- The "Media Library" menu item is not translated
- The "Media Library" section in Preferences is not fully translatable/translated. Only working translations are the tabs and frames captions
- The submenu items for DVD chapters and titles are not translated (they should be Title 1, Title 2, ... and Chapter 1, Chapter 2, ... only if the language is English, but they should be for example Titolo 1, Titolo 2, ... and Capitolo 1, Capitolo 2, ... if the language is Italian etc.)
- All the subtitle editor menu items are not translated by BSplayer
NOTE!! these not working translations behave weirdly.. by following BSPeter's tips I found out these steps to reproduce/fix the problem:
If I open a movie that has a subtitle file with the same name -> results the subtitle file is automatically opened by BSplayer -> subs editor menu items are ALWAYS in English.
If I open a movie and BSplayer automatically loads subtitles, the bug occours.
If I open another movie (or don't let BSplayer to automatically load subs) and then I load external subtitles -> subs editor menu items will be correctly translated
- Other missing translations are: About Window -> version, Registered to, Icons created by, (Language) by (translator), Month abbrevations
- "Downloading Podcast info..." when downloading information regardin a podcast collection (probably a similar item is available also for TV and Radio streaming contents)
- And "Downloading..." and "complete" when downloading a Podcast item
- Download, Edit, Remove menu items when you right-click on a TV, Radio or Podcast file are not translated
- When you click on +Add Drive in Media Library the "Add files to library" window title is not translated
- All Media Library elements are not translated (Artist, Album, TOP RATED, RECENTLY PLAYED, etc.). And don't forget the Play list right-click items (still in Media Library)
- When redefining/adding "Key definitions & WinLIRC" keypresses which also have an own "name" in local languages (e.g. "Space") or mouseclicks (like "Mouse Right" "Wheel down"etc.) are always in English (by BSPeter)
- There's no translation-item for "Podcast download folder" in PODCAST preferences (by BSPeter)
- In language file double number used under Actions section (by BSPeter)
112=Show Main Menu
112=Subtitles Action
...........and also "Show Main Menu" shown twice under "Key definitions and WinLIRC" (by Walt Disney)

If you wish to report any additional bugs (to be added to this list), please do so by post-replying to the post which I created especially for this purpose: clickhere. Thanks for your contributions!
BSP SkinMaker (v1.07) the one and only Skin Editor for BSplayer
BSP Definitions Manager (v1.02)
BS.Player's FAQ (by BSPeter) | Italian language file (v2.57 build 1051)
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