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midnightrambler 17th January 2003 08:48 PM

doubleclicking file will NOT result in play
ok, doesn't matter if i have bsplayer open or not:

bsplayer will (be opened and) NOT play the file i doubleclick.

the previos version 0.85 (build number unknown) worked fine 4 me

only if i drag a file to the bsplayer controls or on the program icon, it will play.

what the ...?

ps. bsplayer 0.86, build 493, xp with sp1

xlv600 17th January 2003 10:02 PM

Try to restore movie file association.
- Open BSPlayer
- Right-click the main window, select Options\Preferences or press [Ctrl+P]
- In [General] tab, verify that movie extentions you need are selected and press [Apply now], or check [Register extensions at startup].

Hope it helps

midnightrambler 17th January 2003 10:32 PM

man, that's just unbelievable, it actually worked! thx very much!

but how cum the files still opened bsplayer when 2xclicking, even though i had appearantly not registered the extensions before?


but thx anyway, problem's fixed^^=)

midnightrambler 17th January 2003 10:47 PM

oh sry guys, i might just have missed something....

so to get this straight:

1. bsplayer closed, film doubleclicked -> normal, expected behaviour => ok
(we got that to work with every film^^)

2. bsplayer opened, film doubleclicked -> sometimes film plays, sometimes not, always depends on film, some films do result in play, some do not => solution??

3. bsplayer opened, film dragged onto bsplayer controls -> normal, expected behaviour => ok (works with every film)

so i need help with number 2. :(


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