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Mija 3rd October 2006 08:44 PM

Mhh something odd happens. I followed your instruction and copied the wmpasf.dll from the WMP11 directory to my \windows\system32 directory, I overwrote it.
But as soon as I refreshed, the old wmpasf.dll appeared, and I can tell that it is the old, because the old file is 132 KB, and the one from the WMP11 directory is 232. O_o

I tried the rest anyway (register filter and opened the wmpasf.dll from the ...\system32 directory) but the buffering error is still there. I think it canĀ“t work if the old wmpasf.dll file reappears after refreshing. Does anyone know why this happens?

adicoto 3rd October 2006 09:11 PM

Try to disable system restore.

Mija 3rd October 2006 09:52 PM

I did, it doesn`t work ...

masster 13th October 2006 02:56 PM

I went to Options/Preferences/Filter Manager and I did Re-Register + Update for EVERY Windows Media and WM ASF filter. And now I don't have that sh***y buffering.

All was a problem of unregistering filters.

m3ntal_help! 2nd February 2007 12:15 AM

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problem is in "dxmasf.dll" file. if you have the problem, replace your old file in "\\windows\system32\" folder with the one i attached (do not forget to unzip it :)). not only that it will not buffer anymore, but some of the files that ticked earlier, now play perfectly.

BTW, after you do this, you have to go to

options - preferences - filter managment - filter manager

and re-register the "WM ASF Reader" and "WM ASF Writer"

Rocket 26th February 2007 08:52 AM

I recently bought a raptor and went straight to this buffering problem also. And now my system is faster, so I know thats not part of it. I looked on my old HD and I had a different wmpasf.dll file (it is 132kb), whereas on this new HD I have the 237kb version of the wmpasf.dll file.

Ok, so I will refer to the New file as the 237kb file and the old file as the 132kb file.
-Ok, so I go to delete the new file, and about 3 seconds after I click delete on it, it just reappears, like magic. Scroll to bottom of the system32 folder so you can see it refresh/reappear.
-Ok, so I thought lets try paste the old file over the new one, maybe that will fix it. Ok, replace this file with that, yes, ok it is now showing the old wmpasf 132kb file there now. Wait for it......3 seconds......wham old file is AGAIN replaced with the new one..... WTF?
-Ok, maybe it because of the timestamp on the file. The new one has a newer date, so I'll change the old file to a newer date/time than the "new" file. Thought I was being clever. Ok, done, timestamp now current, paste. Whammo, new file AGAIN replaces the old file.
-Only thing I haven't done yet is test in safe mode to see if I get the same results. Not much info on driver so not sure what to do next. Anyone??? :D

-Only big difference is that both HardDrive's are SATA 3.0gb/s. One was setup as an IDE Sata, the new drive with the buffering problem I setup as an AHCI Sata, -properly did it this time. Any of you having this using just IDE/or Sata AHCI etc?

Rocket 26th February 2007 09:07 AM

Oh, and I tried that dxmasf.dll file above my reply, and that file does the same thing. If I try to replace it the old file just reappears even after I have pasted yours in, replacing it. Won't let me overwrite the one currently on the drive...hmm

Tizio 26th February 2007 12:17 PM

you can try in safe mode, or you have to remove that file protection.... I wish you to succeed in safe mode because the other method is long and annoying

Rocket 6th March 2007 10:03 AM

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Fixed it. F5 to safe mode, signed in as admin, deleted "dxmasf.dll, wmpasf.dll, qasf.dll" and the files did NOT come back. So, I copied over those 3 files from my old HD (install of new HD is when buffering started) onto the desktop so I would have them there when I went into safe mode. So, I pasted in the files, and they stayed. Rebooted, and BS player would not play anything. Just kept saying ERROR. I registered the filter (someone posted above its like WM reader and WMA writer can't remember exactly right now), closed BS player. Opened it and wham all the problems are gone! PIA to do, but I absolutely could not tolerate the buffering issue.

I attatched the 3 files needed below. Not sure if only 1 was needed to really fix it, but I know this worked for me. Put these in your windows system32 folder if you are running XP. Read above the issues I had with copying and pasting if that is your problem also. The other methods mentioned above did not work for me, but this way I described fixed the problem for me. Anyways, hope that helps some of ya :) -Rocket

KeFFi 24th April 2007 12:33 PM

THANKS ROCKET!! <3 it works fine just pasted the 3 files without safe mode and it worked thanks alot now i can keep using the best player thanks a lot!

kimiraikkonen 28th April 2007 07:27 PM

I think there is need to compile the subject, it has been messed up...

xaman 27th June 2009 02:08 PM

Thanks for solutions

PHNX 7th July 2009 03:30 PM

Just a little Tip:

Under XP and 2K, if the automatic file restoring interfers with your actions, you can do the following to use it to your advantage:

1.) Log in with an Admin account and set Explorer to show hidden system files and file extensions

2.) Go to Windows\System32\dllcache (this folder contains the backups in compressed format)

Now you have three choices:

A.) Append .bak to the existing file, (example: dxmasf.dll.bak), then put a copy of the new dxmasf.dll into the folder

B.) Delete or remove the existing dxmasf.dll from the dllcache and put the new one in

C.) Overwrite the old one with the newer one

Which one of the three methods you use is more or less irrelevant, but since it is always good to have a backup of the original (just in case) i recommend Method A.

Now for the final step. Since the dllcache now contains the 'right' file, Windows can obviously no longer restore the 'wrong' one. Hence you can now simply delete the one in \system32 and wait until a copy from the dllcache appears.

Locaj 12th December 2009 12:34 AM



koursaros 15th January 2011 09:47 PM

great solution
thanks a lot

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