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Default Re: How to see Playlist in dropdown?

Originally Posted by port68
....when I open BSPlayer, it pops up on my desktop, and another screen opens above. It has a menu-bar marked 'Video-DVD-Audio-Radio-TV-Podcast'.
This screen contains a list of the tracks on the USB drive, and there's also a box, labeled 'Playlist'.
But there's nothing in the Playlist box, or available from its dropdown, even though I thought I'd saved the list as a Playlist, which I labeled and saved in My Docs.
"There is nothing in the playlist box"... You may have bumped into a bug there. Anyhow: you can load a previously saved playlist by right-clicking in the playlist window and then select "Load from file..." (By the way if the PL pops-up automatically, this simply means you didn't close it during your previous BS.Player-session. You can close playlist-window like any normal window ([x] at top right) or by clicking on the (PL)-button of the (default-)skin (=control panel). Ditto for opening ML (Media Library) and closing ML.
Originally Posted by port68 further
....My question: I'm confused about the difference between a Playlist and the list of tracks that shows in the upper screen. Is that list not a Playlist?
Yes, the list of tracks shown is a playlist. You can add files to it or delete or ... (check out the menu following right-click). To be able to use different play-lists, you must save them as a file.
Originally Posted by port68 finally
....How do I create a Playlist and where should I save it? Should it be in Text format or Internal format?
How to make a playlist? By simply dropping files on it, or by rightclick and then adding files or folders/directories or load from ML (Media Library). It is entirely up to you to decide where to save a playlist and in which format.
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