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-sometimes the subtitile is not loaded..
We are not provider of subtitles, is. Might be they were having some downtime of servers or perhaps no subtitles could be find for displayed video. If auto subtitles feature of BS.Player FREE and PRO can't find correct subtitles, you can try finding them manually on our website Web Search :: Also we are planning on adding additional subtitle providers in future versions, so you will be able to change between them if one of them does not have apropriate subtittles.

-part of the black bars color is sometimes perpel/pink!
Try reducing contrast in ffdshow and/or monitor.

-subttiles position cann't be on the black bars!
Depends on renderer, in some cases subtitles can not be displayed on black bar at the bottom due to technical reasons of renderer used. Go to Preferences>Video>Renderer and change renderer.

-subtitiles are intially loaded at a BIG font size for a second and then they are auto changed.
Deselect Resize OSD and subtitle font automatically in Preferences>Subtitle properties

-subtitles font size are changed everytime i start a different movie! (despite the fact that I have set the font size in options>preferences>subtitiles for rhe primary/secondary subtitile so it will auto position the subtitile but it does not!)!
Same as above.

- the "Volume" label is in a BIG font size.
Preferences>Video>OSD>OSD font>select desired OSD size + same as above.

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