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Originally Posted by Farlight View Post
Autoadding files from catalog folder is buggy in the newer versions, it places the file you use to add from the folder to play in the top of the playlist (instead of sorting order)...
I assume by catalog you mean folder or directory (and not e.g. ML).
I personally think this isn't a bug but a feature. IMHO it really does make good sence to put the file used to add files from folder (by having the option "Always add all files in current directory to playlist" selected) on top of the playlist as that same file is also the one ready to play first (or that will be played immediately if "Auto play" is selected). I agree in older versions this was not so, but I think the present way really makes more sence and is more logical. Maybe you should use the other option to add all files in a folder to a playlist, i.e. by rightclicking on playlist itself and then select "Add directory" and then browse to the folder and clicking on the folder's name. That option even gives you the possibility to include files from subfolders ("[v] Recurse subdirectories" at the top).

Originally Posted by Farlight View Post
... also it buggy when you then try to move it into the right order manually altogether.
I tested:
The sort-function of both the old and new style playlist delivers what may be expected.
Buttons (Up)/(Down) in old style playlist: No problems whatsoever!
(No such buttons in new style playlist)
Manual dragging/dropping:
Old style playlist: I can easily manually place any file on any position in the list. So no problem whatsoever!
New style playlist: minor problem: I can place any file on any position in the list with no problem at all except for positioning it at the very bottom.
(To achieve that you now have to move it down to the max and then place the one on the bottom one up). So you've found a minor in new style playlist here I think!

Originally Posted by Farlight View Post
Another minor nuisance is "don't change video size in full screen" option overrides "as previous" in the playlist ...
I personally wouldn't expect otherwise. I think if there are more users sharing your 'nuisance', we would like to know! Anyone?

Originally Posted by Farlight View Post
...if have "Auto Pan&Scan" set to "fit to screen" thingy in full screen.
This part of your text is as clear as mud to me.
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