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Default BS.Player 2.2x bugs re GUI/translation

Re: version 2.2x builds 95x/96x (If fixed this is mentioned and text will be in small grey characters)
This post was SUCCEEDED by this one on 15 August 2008
This is a summary of the bugs I found in BS.Player's GUI/translation:
(Added 29 Feb 08:)
Possible message at start-up:
"Please download updated version from www·bsplayer·com" (not in language file)
Main window
___In "DVD mode" hovering over [T][C][S][L] results in English-only menu names shown (skin issue)
___In "Audio mode" ditto for "Shuffle"
___Edit Aug 02, 2007: both above issues fixed in version 2.23 build 953
__If either VIDEO- or DVD- or AUDIO-mode was selected before selecting either RADIO- or TV-mode,
__then the previous VIDEO/DVD/AUDIO-specific menu-options don't hide (slide back in). (skin issue)
__(Added 26 Dec 07:) Also the skin's Radio and TV tags remain the same as if they were not selected.
About F1 Edit Feb 10, 2008: below issues fixed in build 957 of Feb 6th
___Translation missing of "Icons created by" and of "by" for each language in the rolling list
___(as well as of "version" and "build" and the date at top).
___Also "Registered to..." should imho be centred
___(any text longer than the English original is shown 'at the right')
___Example: (not possible using rightclick-menu, but) by using [menu]-button on Base-skin
___e.g. the about-window can be opened more than once
___(note this is similar for any other menu-option which is already opened).
___Closing of such (second) menu-window then results in an English BS.Player-error-report
__(plus "Continue"-, "Send error report"-, "Close"-buttons).
__(Added 10 Feb 08:) [Build+date] should imho be centred.<=Edit May 5, 2008: issue fixed in build 963
__month-abbreviations are not in language-file (alternatively replace by month-number?)
Open DVD in (right-click) menu
___Selecting > Open DVD... opens a submenu titled (in bar at top) "Choose drive" (untranslated)
___also [Cancel]-button remains untranslated, as well as ....
___Edit Aug 02, 2007: both above issues fixed in version 2.23 build 953
___... untranslated, as well as ....[OK]-button
___(Note I don't mention that last issue anywhere else as OK seems a universally known expression;
___however for e.g. cyrillic, greek, arabic, hebrew, or several "far-east charactersets"
___a translation of "OK" could/would (nevertheless) be appropriate anyhow?)
Open URL in (right-click) menu (Added 14 Feb 08:)Edit 21-04-08: fixed in Beta 200804202231
___The "report-message" "Parsing URL" remains untranslated (not in language file)
Title & Chapters in (right-click) menu
___Title 1 ... (etc) resp. Chapter 1 ... (etc) remain untranslated.
___Edit Aug 02, 2007: fixed in version 2.23 build 953
Bookmarks in (right-click) menu
___Title ... Chapter ... (etc) remain untranslated.
___Edit Aug 02, 2007: fixed in version 2.23 build 953 (by simply omitting "title" resp. "chapter")
Subtitles in (right-click) menu (Added 14 March 08:)Edit 21-04-08: fixed in Beta 200804202231
___"Primary", "Secondary" and their submenus remain untranslated. (build 200803140930)
___Ditto for Beta 200803191845. This also concerns previously correctly working translations!
Preferences > General > [File types]
___(Added 10 March 08:) Space for "Custom icon" unnecessarily too narrow for some languages.
___Edit March 14, 2008: fixed in version 2.28 beta
Preferences > Video ... [General] respectively ... [OSD] Edit Feb 10, 2008: below issues fixed in build 957 of Feb 6th
___"Main window alpha value" - "Video window alpha value" - "Alpha blending value (VMR9 only)"
__The first two use a scale of 5-100, whereas the last uses a scale 0-1.0
__Suggest to also use a scale till 100 for the last one (or adapt the scale for the first two).
Preferences > Video ... [General] Edit Feb 10, 2008: below issue fixed in build 957 of Feb 6th
___More appropiate place for "Main window alpha value" imho would in "Skins" section of Preferences
Preferences > Video ... [General]
___Last checkbox inactive (and still "attached" to [WID10] C1_10 & C1_10H of language file)
___(Made appropriate remarks in [WID10] of Dutch language file)
___Edit Dec 26, 2007: in v.2.26 language file text for [WID10] C1_10 must be changed/added to read "Allow video window off screen"
Preferences > Video ... [Video rendering] (Added 25 March 08:)Edit 21-04-08: partially fixed in Beta 200804202231
__Several Error/Warning-messages remain untranslated (not in language file); e.g.:
___Internal video rendering RGB may result in: "Warning / Unknown file format (XVID)"
___(Funny: unknown, but XVID) clicking OK -> movie plays in ActiveMovie Window)
__Internal video rendering RGB 'Overlay': "Error / Please close movie first"
___Edit 5 May 2008: "No RGB Overlays supported"
___When trying to select EVR (for Vista) in XP:
___"Error / Enhanced Video Renderer(EVR) is not available on this system.
___Make sure you have DirectX 9+ installed and latest video drivers."
Preferences > Subtitles (Added 14 March 08 for Beta 228 200803140930)
___No translations for "Primary subtitles" and "Secondary subtitles"Edit 5 May 2008: fixed
Preferences > Media library
___When activating button [Optimize database] both "action-" and "ready-" message are in English
___Edit Aug 02, 2007: fixed in version 2.23 build 953
Preferences > Filtermanagement with [Shift]-key depressed Edit Feb 10, 2008: below issue fixed in build 957 of Feb 6th
___No translation for "Internal filters" and "Use internal AVI parser" (not in language file)
__(Added 10 Feb 08:) Space for translation of "Use intern...." too restricted. Must be wider.
___Translation of "Center" (of balance) doesn't work with Base version 2.x skin (it works for v1.x skin)
___Edit Aug 02, 2007: fixed in version 2.23 build 953
Media Library
__(1) "Fixed" (hardcoded/graphics) text at south-west above logo: "SELECTED"
__(2) If empty: "report/warning" in English (center of window)
__(3) "Title" "Artist" "Album" at top and "Add" at bottom"
__(2) switch permanently (=as long as ML remains active) back to English when selecting a playlist
__(4) Selecting Add playlist > Add new playlist opens an English-only submenu
__(5) In "Audio mode" rightclick at bottom (below line "Search") opens an English-only submenu
__(6) Bottom-part of "Audio mode"-window also shown when in "Radio-mode"
__(7) Space for labels at bottom too narrow
___(8) When using +Add in "Radio/TV/Podcast-modes" the pop-up submenus are English-only
___(9) When adding files using +Drive (or +Folder) report window (Added ...) is English-only
__(10) When adding an URL the messages "Error" or "Downloading podcast info" are English-only
___(11) [Cancel] button for +Drive window is English-only
___(12) Ditto for [Close] button of rightclick > ID3 tags-submenu
___(13) Rightclick in a blank space at left under "Playlists" opens an English-only submenu (+ subsubmenu)
___[color=#A2A2A2](14) The "report" when clicking on (e.g.) a radiostation in the list (i.e."Parsing URL ...") is English-only<=Edit May 5, 2008: fixed
[size=2]Playlist (new style) Edit Feb. 14, 2007: fixed
___In rightclick menu the line "Load from media library" untranslated (not in language file)
___In submenu of Add URL [Cancel]-button untranslated
__(Added 14 Feb 08:) "Report" following Add URL "Parsing URL" is English only (not in language file) [also valid for old style playlist]
Playlist (old style) (Added for v.2.26.956) Edit Feb 10, 2008: issue fixed in build 957 of Feb 6th
___Just opening it (provided it holds a file) results in an error (English only "error-option-menu")
__(By the way: the error report/menu appears to be a new and realy nice and improved version!)
___(Added 12 Feb 08:) Minimize-button of old-style-playlist doesn't work. Edit 21-04-08: fixed in Beta 200804202231
___(Added 21 Mar 08:) With media library active just opening playlist old style causes an error. Edit 21-04-08: fixed in Beta 200804202231
Subtitle editor
__Title "Subtitle" in bar at top (Start/Stop/Subtitle) not translated
Audio > Audio Streams in (right-click) menu
___The two options at bottom, i.e. "Play all" and "Choose..." remain untranslated
___Edit Nov 17, 2007: fixed

(The remaining "except" and "buts" of my post in which I reported bugs found in version 2.20 build 950 are now (i.e. Aug.02) included in this post)
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