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Thumbs up Only a few issues remain!

Most issues solved/fixed!
Only a few issues remain now, i.e.:

A really extensive list of music genres is now in translation file for 'properties'.

However, apparently there is no (inter)connection with the 'Genre-list' used for main "ML-Audio-window"
(see the very bottom-left corner of picture above; disregard the red marking and arrow!!).
Ditto for 'Genre-list' Radio.
Further: however extensive, the list will almost never be complete for local use in several countries. (Like e.g. in The Netherlands we've got "Nederpop", "Levenslied" and "Nederhop" and "Piratenmuziek".)
Maybe it's an idea to have a(n additional) user-defined list (instead)?
Also see BG's post on this subject !

lang_changes.txt doesn't mention that the added lines are for [WID17];
(I personally also added another line to 136H: "Doesn't work if the option 'Transparent background' is selected")

No translation (not in translation file) for:
Can't save configuration file!
Please reinstall with defaults settings or choose folder with
write permission.

No translation (not in translation file) for:
This BETA is more than two months old.
Please download updated version from
(noticed this in an older Free beta version)

Concerning Media Library window:
Why not also provide for a translation of "BS.Player ML" like e.g. in Dutch "BS.Player Media bibliotheek" or Russian "BS.Player Медиа библиотека". IMHO it certainly would look more professional. In fact strictly spoken there even is no new addition to translation file required. This as the full name of "ML" is already there 3x:
[Menu] 114
[WID 7] 18
[Actions] 109
Edit BSPeter (all text below added on) 28 July 2010:
Very happy to see that this last (now 'greyed out') suggestion was followed (with an 'extra') in BS.Player 2.56.1043 !! Also this "title-text" now scrolls.
I would still prefer the (wider) width as e.g. in beta 2.54.1041 / 201007201504 (or in this v.2.52; don't be distracted by the red colored notes) but keeping the scrolling solution now implemented !!

To be complete please also note BG's additional findings:
Originally Posted by BG's View Post
When using the option Menu -> Subtitles -> Upload subtitles untranslated text "Please wait..." appears though this string exists in lang file.
Originally Posted by BG's View Post
I noticed untranslated pop-up help on the right hand side tab menu...

and when you are clicking on that icon (i.e. "Repeat mode") another untranslated message ("Press R to mark A") appears on the main window.

Note: ditto as above for Audio-tag!

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When posting always mention your computer's OS and the version and build number(!) of BS.Player as used by you,
as well as - if applicable and especially when encountering problems - the type(s) of the file(s) mentioned in your post.
Private messages/Visitor messages are NOT for seeking personal help with respect to BS.Player! Instead use the forums!

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