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@adicoto: thx by confirming not being able to confirm, nevertheless mentioning as your last remark: "So, if in that file, for all saved movies, there is a line with subfile2, there will be secondary subtitle displayed".

Your reaction helped me to find out what happened/happens.
What happened:
You're - of course - entirely correct when you mention that the file bsplay.sav holds the subtitle history. Indeed I also knew that, but I was simply too quick in drawing conclusions from my test (when I renamed BSplayer.xml).
As mentioned by me: in my set-up I normally have all BS.Player's auxiliary (setting) files in BS.Player's installation folders. I already mentioned that renaming BSplayer.xml resulted (for me under XP SP3) in BS.Player creating "the new xml-files" in
C:\Documents and Settings\[MyName]\Application Data\BSplayer PRO !!
What I meant to say (resp. should have said) was that all BS.Player's auxiliary (setting) files were created anew in that user-folder (in which normally no settings are saved for any of my BS.Player-installations).
(So not only BSplayer.xml, but also bsplay.sav, bsplist.bsl and - where applicable - other auxiliary files used by BS.Player).
So all newly created auxiliary files were "virgin". Consequently the file bsplay.sav didn't contain any 'history' of (i.a.) subtitles (either primary or secondary), so the problem seemed gone. My (meanwhile proven to have been too hasty) conclusion then was "with a fresh BSplayer.xml-file the problem is gone".
Apparently BS.Player (when started) first checks in the installation folder for the presence of a BSplayer.xml file. If it's there it will (continue to) use the installation folder for all its auxiliary files. However, if it's not there, BS.Player will default to the user's folder (depending on the OS) to create and save all its auxiliary files. Now, this behaviour is what fooled me.

What happens for subtitles with "Remember movie settings" being selected:
During playback of a movie changing and/or switching off or on subtitles is of no importance to the contents of "bsplay.sav".
However, at the time that the user either closes the video-file or exits BS.Player, the subtitle-path(s) and file-name(s) as then used, are saved by BS.Player in the file "bsplay.sav" (in the way as indicated by adicoto in his last post).
This may concern (unless no subtitles were used):
- either only primary subtitle;
- or only secondary subtitle;
- or both primary and secondary subtitles.
When playing the same movie a next time:
(1) both primary and/or secondary subtitle may be changed/substituted by another subtitle. The actual subtitle(s) being active at the time of closing or exiting are saved in "bsplay.sav" at that time (overwriting/substituting existing data).
(2) if present (and unless "Subtitles are off by default" is selected) a primary subtitle will always be shown, also if last time (none or) only a secondary subtitle was shown (and saved into "bsplay.sav"). [Consequently in the lastmentioned scenario both primary and secondary subs will be shown.]
(3) once (at any time) a movie-file has been closed or BS.Player exited while secondary subtitles were active, there presently is no (regular) way to undo the auto-selection of the secondary subtitle for thàt particular movie. E.g. deselection of "Show subtitles" for secondary subtitles and then closing the movie-file or exiting BS.Player does not (as it should) remove the existing data of the secondary subtitle from "bsplay.sav". (It doesn't do that for primary subtitle either, but that is less noticable in view of what I already mentioned under (2) and perhaps also less a nuisance considering the option mentioned under "Further" hereinafter.)
[Of course it's possible to simply delete the subfile2-line (and/or, for that matter, also the subfile1-line) from the file using e.g. Notepad.]

Further (also to be seen in connection with the above) the option "Subtitles are off by default" only works for primary subtitles and has no influence on secondary subtitles. (So maybe rename this option into "Primary subtitles are off by default"?)

(During my testing it also seemed that the remember function seems to be critical with respect to the names of subtitlefile(s) which have been loaded manually using [Ctrl]+[L])

Again note that, following my choice at installation of BS.Player-versions, "my" BS.Player's auxiliary (setting) files (including "bsplay.sav") are located in my several BS.Players' installation folders.
Also if the above problem might not occur when BS.Player is installed with all installation settings 'default' (I don't know that!), there still is a bug!
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When posting always mention your computer's OS and the version and build number(!) of BS.Player as used by you,
as well as - if applicable and especially when encountering problems - the type(s) of the file(s) mentioned in your post.
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