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  1. BS Player 2.43 crash when playing flv file
  2. Aspect Ratio
  3. Save subtitle
  4. Last two beta's bug
  5. missing codec
  6. Hi guys please helop
  7. Hide message "REPRODUCIR" at "star/stop" videos??
  8. Subtitle Issues
  9. [SOLVED] Begginer! What do I need to play DivX?
  10. [SOLVED] Desktop Mode simply doesn't work
  11. [SOLVED] Video looks like Ive lost horizotal control
  12. subtitles save
  13. Subtitles font/display/double with MKV files
  14. Where does the subtitles goes to?
  15. screen tekst vdisplay
  16. how can i take thumbnails of a video
  17. [SOLVED] Where is the usual menu bar in bsplayer 2.43???
  18. Problems when storing settings in the application folder
  19. [SOLVED] Window size
  20. Disable hotkey + and - in fullscreen mode?
  21. Positioning of secondary subtitle
  22. Kaspersky reports worm for 2.43 (Win7) ?!
  23. What is this time unit?
  24. How do i start in Desktop Mode?
  25. Playlist don't show in BS.Player
  26. Subtitle pop up
  27. BS Player not showing full screen on secondary display
  28. Where are older versions
  29. Weird issues with new version.
  30. How to get rid of on screen information
  31. Capture resolution
  32. capture file name format (how 2 change)
  33. BSPlayer v2.41.1004 out´╝č
  34. problem with audio in movies
  35. Playing DVD Codec Problem. Need Help please
  36. Double movie screen while 2 monitors are connected
  37. [SOLVED] Problem with Color controls
  38. [SOLVED] I can't directly access from BSplayer to forum
  39. Subtitles
  40. How to change the audio?
  41. [SOLVED] MPEG2 audio-video synchronization problem in v.2.41
  42. [SOLVED] Freeze at startup
  43. FLV
  44. play video
  45. Playin' a DVD - a subtitle issue
  46. Automatic detection and download of subtitles
  47. Wan't to unassociate music files with BS Player
  48. Can't add more then one .xvid to a Playlist (Help)
  49. Help, Playlist vanished! Num 5 doing nothing
  50. Arabic subtitle problem
  51. how to play dvds that are saved on my computer
  52. AC3 filter
  53. BsPlayer looks like to be zoomed...
  54. never to be menu, how ?
  55. Setting a defualt audio stream...
  56. HTML Code
  57. i cant play .rar files in windows 7
  58. anoying question (subtitle) at start
  59. seeking forward
  60. Stops randomly (MKV movie 1080p)
  61. Audio on big sized video files real low?
  62. problem with picture on TV
  63. Always top on osd
  64. Removing OSD message when player starts
  65. How to start allways in 16:10 format
  66. does not work take pictures with "p"
  67. [SOLVED] Mouse not hidding after preferences window opened
  68. 5.1 Audio Device Selection - Important
  69. Music sub,removal?
  70. How can I correct subtitle time?
  71. Online subtitles question
  72. Playlist problem or missunderstanding..
  73. Subtitles
  74. Play on TV independently of Computer
  75. Keylogger
  76. All the video files open the bs player how?
  77. How do I save my personal settings?
  78. how to watch a viedo with two subtitles?
  79. [SOLVED]BS Player Pro v2.35 don't know Central European Subtitles
  80. [SOLVED]How to stop movie screen when player stopped.
  81. Cancelling auto replay
  82. remove messages pause, play, .... from the screen
  83. Registration screen pops up after product registration
  84. [SOLVED]Windows cannot find * Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then..
  85. What did I do? Full screeen goes into automatic movie mode!
  86. bsrendy2.dll
  87. Error when requesting to use "open URL" function
  88. subs below movie area on TV
  89. Seeking Backwards / Rewinding in not working on some files.
  90. [SOLVED]Subtitles only in black.. how to change colour?
  91. text editor
  92. seeking time
  93. How to watch movies and play pc games same time ?
  94. can't seem to get rid of bs player start page on firefox
  95. Error with subtitles
  96. how can I play youtube videos & save flv with BSpro v2.3
  97. How can I put the subtitle on the black down ?
  98. repeat one chapter how?
  99. How to put to remember subtitle font?
  100. help with audio (DTS) - Merging into an MKV file
  101. Uninstall bsplayer
  102. how to uninstall bsplayer
  103. Can't remove BS.Player Search from firefox
  104. Empty equalizer
  105. Error: MP4filelib.dll was not found.
  106. Playing DVD's from Hard Drive
  107. MOV files
  108. Problem with videos playing too fast.
  109. Brightness and contrast: different default values needed
  110. How do I select a specific audio device for a file? ex: 5.1
  111. BS Player Free and EVR
  112. Can somebody explain to me ?
  113. Installing ArcSoft TMT with BSP results in no audio
  114. BS.Player Pro won't properly play HDTV.1080i mpg
  115. possible to close BSplayer(not file!) after file finishes?
  116. Attachable video ?
  117. BS.Player Pro can't play DVDs
  118. greek fonts show as hieroglyphics
  119. Subtitles position problem
  120. Newbie needs help!
  121. Which formats does BSPlayer (free version) support?
  122. Full screen on second monitor
  123. [NO BUG]Resize OSD&subtitle font automatically not workg
  124. Loading time of BS.player [CAUSE FOUND]
  125. Multiple audio tracks in one .avi file
  126. [SOLVED] BSP Player "don't remember " an audio set
  127. Volume %300
  128. [SOLVED] I can't disable the "Audio track" informa
  129. [SOLVED] total playing time
  130. [SOLVED] .avi stopping
  131. [NOT A SECURITY HOLE ACTUALLY] BSPlayer security hole
  132. [SOLVED] Playing DVD files on my computer
  133. [SOLVED] Can't open .avi files
  134. Why AC3Filter 0.70b is the best to SPDIF OUT
  135. Do I need to pay again for BSplayer update?
  136. Q about media files & file info (not related to BSPlayer
  137. [SOLVED] A multitude of issues: [resolved]
  138. [SOLVED] 2 Problems: Doesn't play audio/Doesn't play video.
  139. [SOLVED] How do I save edited subtitles in Pro-version 2.28?
  140. .mkv files are lifeless and bad color quality with bsplayer?
  141. [SOLVED]"Failed to allocate subtitle surface" error messag
  142. Can BSPlayer Pro play FLV Files? - Y E S -
  143. Japanese subtitles on BSPlayer
  144. full treble preset
  145. Display System Time
  146. [REQUEST] MPL2 subtitle format support
  147. Milliseconds